Saturday, February 19, 2011

A touch of lace

I know you like my cute face in this picture, I didn't have the heart to keep it from you

Hello beautiful girls!

        I am currently sitting in Barnes and Noble avoiding the mound of calculus sitting in front of me. It's not getting done so I thought what a perfect time to say hello to my lovely fellow bloggers! I do love B&N though. I am seriously here an average of four days a week... It's my favorite environment to be in if it's raining or sunny, with a tall starbucks coffee and lots of books in front of me. On a good day, they aren't textbooks.

        On the up side the weather's been so nice lately! I was so tired of the dreary wet and cold... Not my favorite. I think I may have even got a little sun today! Yay! Hopefully I'll be able to take lots of pictures while it lasts... I'm so ready for spring/summer clothes, I hope it keeps getting warmer!

        Wow, I just realized only one item from this oufit was thrifted... that doesn't happen very often! :)

        Shirt: The Limited, Skirt: Urban Outfitters, Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft, Tights: Gap, Shoes: Old Navy, Thrifted Bag: Tommy Hilfiger 


  1. Love Barnes and Noble:) And your outfit is totally darling!