Friday, January 21, 2011

cozy: experiencing warmth, comforting

        I thought I’d share a little of my room with you. Because it’s my place of escape, as well as where I spend a decent amount of time, I like it to reflect me. I love earth tones and to be honest I think if I just get things that I like they will go together (a claim I followed when getting my bedding ha).

        I will also admit to one of my many quirks… I have a slight obsession with mugs. Thus, the owl mug above. Those who know me well may say I’m “addicted” to coffee and that simple things make me happy.. mugs are a combination of both. I love waking up in the morning and pouring my coffee in a cute mug. It’s so simple but nothing starts my day off better!

        Hat: American Eagle, Red Coat: Old Navy, Navy Knit Sweater: Gap, Grey/Red Scarf: Gap, Gloves: my grandma, Brown Boots: Thrifted

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