Tuesday, January 18, 2011

snow is falling!

        Hello! So this is my very first post and I’m very excited. I love fashion and being creative so I think this will work out well for me, and I hope you like it as well! You may notice my next few posts come up pretty quickly, because I orginally made a tumblr but decided this may work better for me:)

        Last night it snowed! I woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow covering everything. Unfortunately this beautiful snow took about 20 minutes to knock off my car and has prevented me from going anywhere due to the hill I would have to overcome at the entrance of my neighborhood. The hill won. So I took the opportunity to make my first post! My lovely little sister agreed to assist in taking pictures.

          Thrifted Boots: Carroll Original Wear, Coat: Thrifted, Shirt: Lucky Brand, Skirt: American Eagle, Bag: Vintage Dooney&Bourke

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